AMED Allied and Complementary Medicine

Publisher: British Library

Coverage: 1985 - Present

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Produced by the Health Care Information Service of the British Library, this resource covers three separate subject areas: professions allied to medicine, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, speech and language therapy, and podiatry; complementary medicine; and palliative care.

All records have basic bibliographic information; many articles published from 1995 onwards have abstracts. Current policy is to include authors' abstracts where available.

Each record includes controlled indexing terms using the AMED Thesaurus based on MeSH (Medline indexing terms). The software provided to search AMED usually includes an option of searching using the thesaurus.

AMED covers relevant references to articles from over 600 journals, many not indexed by other biomedical sources. The scope of coverage is mainly European with the majority of titles in English. In addition to the specialist journals on AMED's subjects, a range of key general journals are checked for relevant articles.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: British Library
Product Type: Database
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Palliative Medicine
Language: English
Update Frequency: Monthly
Coverage: 1985 - Present
Data Type: Bibliographic with Abstracts
Number of Records: 152,000+
Records Added Annually: 12,000+