Mental Measurements Yearbook

Publisher: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements

Coverage: 1938 - Present

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Designed for an audience ranging from novice test consumers to experienced professionals, the series contains information for evaluating test products in psychology, education, business and leadership.

Produced by the Buros Center for Testing at the University of Nebraska, this database provides a comprehensive guide to contemporary testing instruments.

The Mental Measurements Yearbook series contains the most recent descriptive information and critical full-text reviews of new and revised testing instruments. The database covers more than 7,500 commercially-available tests in categories such as personality, developmental, behavioral assessment, neuropsychological, achievement, intelligence and aptitude, educational, speech & hearing, and sensory motor.

Each entry includes test name and classification; author(s); publisher, publication date; price; time requirements; score descriptions; levels; and intended populations. Mental Measurements Yearbook is updated every six months to ensure timely access to new test information and to eliminate out-dated descriptions and reviews when new ones are available.

A valuable resource for academic and professional libraries, the Yearbook provides a convenient tool for educators, counselors, psychologists, personnel directors, lawyers, and medical professionals to locate and evaluate testing instruments.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements
Product Type: Database
Abnormal Psychology
Applied Psychology
Behavioral Psychology
Child Development Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Community Psychology
Education Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Social Psychology
Language & Hearing
Language: English
Update Frequency: Semi-Annually
Coverage: 1938 - Present
Data Type: Bibliographic with Abstracts
Number of Records: 7700
Records Added Annually: 100-200