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IMS R&D Focus

IMS R&D Focus

Publisher: IMS Health
Coverage : 1993 - present
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Essential, up-to-date intelligence on drugs in R&D worldwide.

Use the wealth of drug data in R&D Focus to:
* Evaluate the progress of the R&D pipeline, from discovery and pre-clinical testing through to phase III
* Review pre-registered, registered and recently marketed drugs
* Identify new business opportunities for licensing or partnerships and analyse the potential of acquisitions and investment deals
* Track and analyse the latest competitor R&D activities
* Monitor therapy class pipelines to identify future threats to your product portfolio
* Check the pipeline of target companies
* Understand timetable developments in key product areas
* Examine R&D strategy against market size and growth of leading companies and drugs

Key Information:
* More than 23,300 drugs in R&D with over 9,400 drugs in active development
* Over 4,800 biotechnology products
* Latest phase reached worldwide, with country/region development status in relation to a particular indication
* Over 3,000 companies, featuring their involvement in the development of a drug and their relationships as licensor, licensee or developer
* Financial background on disease area with sales profiles of 154 leading therapeutic classes
* Full commercial summaries with overview, regulatory progress, R&D progress, licensing and partnering deals, analysts sales predictions
* Full scientific summaries detailing drug clinical progress
* 36 searchable fields including mode of administration, indication and therapy class
* Updated weekly

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  • Platform:
  • Publisher: IMS Health
  • Product Type : DataBase
  • Specialty:
    Nursing & Health Professions > Pharmacology > Pharmaceuticals
    Nursing & Health Professions > Pharmacology > Pharmacology
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Full Text Coverage: 1993 - present
  • Data Type : Bibliographic with Abstracts and Full Text
  • Number Of Records: 23,300+ drug summaries
  • Records Added Annually: 4,800+ drug updates