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Biomedical Safety and Standards

Biomedical Safety and Standards

ISBN/ISSN: 10809775
Editor(s): Lisa R. Marshall
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For nearly three decades, Biomedical Safety & Standards has been the key resource for reliable information in the areas of medical safety and standards.

The newsletter updates biomedical technicians and clinical engineers on the latest developments in patient safety, standards, regulations, incidents, device recalls, and professional issues. Bi-weekly issues cover everything needed to stay current on technology, safety and risk policies, new laws and standards, and equipment maintenance.

Regular features of the newsletter include reports on safety, hazards, and risk management; an exclusive feature article; updates on recalls and field corrections; briefings on the latest requirements for medical equipment or facilities; the latest news from government agencies; and, reliable guidance on finding helpful (and often free) reports, videotapes, books, and educational resources.

  • Platform:
  • Product Type : Journal
  • Author/Editor: Lisa R. Marshall
  • ISBN/ISSN: 10809775
  • Specialty:
    Nursing & Health Professions > Public Health > Management
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Bi-Weekly (Fortnight)
  • Full Text Coverage: Vol 32 #1 (2002) - Present
  • PDF Coverage : Vol 33 #8 (2003) - Present
  • Archives Available: Biomedical Safety & Standards - Definitive Archive , Biomedical Safety & Standards - Archive 2008