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Rockwood and Wilkins Fractures in Children 9781582557847

Rockwood and Wilkins' Fractures in Children

ISBN/ISSN: 9781582557847
Edition: 7th
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The thoroughly revised, updated seventh edition of Rockwood and Wilkins' Fractures in Children is the gold standard reference on pediatric fractures.

In this revised seventh edition the world's foremost authorities provide comprehensive coverage of all bone and joint injuries seen in children. The contributors present the historical background, diagnosis, and pathological anatomy of each injury. They thoroughly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various alternative methods for treating each injury. Finally, each author presents a step-by-step description of his or her preferred method of treatment.

This edition has a more international group of contributors. More tips and pearls have been added to the authors' preferred method presentations, and coverage of complications has been expanded. New chapters cover casting, remodeling and what is unique about children's fractures; principles of physical examination of children with fractures; and treacherous children's fractures.

This title also has videos available for search and viewing on the OvidSP platform.