About Ovid

Ovid helps researchers, librarians, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals find important medical information so that they can make critical decisions to improve patient care, enhance ongoing research, and fuel new discoveries. We offer a market-leading medical research platform of premium aggregated content and productivity tools that make it easy to quickly search information and make informed decisions on patient care, quality, and clinical outcomes. Every day, the world's leading medical, academic, and corporate institutions, and thousands of their users rely on Ovid for the most efficient, trusted solution that transforms research into results to help improve patient care.

We partner with more than 150 information producers to provide a selection of current, premium resources aggregated on Ovid — our flagship research platform. We maintain a commitment to content currency and support archival resources critical to understanding the historical perspective on medical diagnoses and treatment.

Our premium resources include:

  • More than 6,000 ebooks and many book collections, including archive collections of critical historical material, as well as publisher and topical collections
  • Over 1,400 premium, peer–reviewed journals-with no embargoes (one exception, the journal Science has a 3–month embargo). Plus, dozens of journal collections, including archive collections and packages based on publisher or subject content
  • Over 100 bibliographic and full–text databases

Our content covers a wide range of core and niche scientific, medical, and healthcare disciplines including:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing & Health Professions
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Basic Sciences
  • Humanities & Technologies
  • Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • Engineering

We bring a singular focus to our product offerings: to improve research productivity. Ovid, our online search and discovery platform, continues to lead the market with innovative productivity tools and features designed to maximize search precision and efficiency, and simplify and speed analysis and workflow–all in a simple, integrated and easy–to–use system. We provide 24/7/365 Online Access Support, with an award–winning Customer and Technical Support Team based worldwide to assist customers with product setup and implementation, online or on–site training, system customization and personalization to maximize user efficiency and usage.

Ovid History

From its entrepreneurial beginnings in the mid-1980s, Ovid has maintained a steadfast commitment to improving access to medical research through the innovative use of information technology. Formally established in 1988, Ovid pioneered advancements in compression technology to streamline access to MEDLINE®, the National Library of Medicine's renowned biomedical database. Ovid continued to evolve its research solution in step with the latest online technology while building out its content offerings. Ovid was purchased by Wolters Kluwer in 1998.

The Ovid platform has advanced to meet the needs of today's users, providing robust results management and personalization tools to increase user productivity and efficiency. Targeted solutions bring an institution's library resources closer to a specific user audience. Ovid is a recognized global leader in research information solutions with more than 12,500 medical, academic, and corporate institutions and their users accessing Ovid to inform their work, improve patient care, enhance ongoing research, and fuel new discoveries.

Ovid is part of Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information, business intelligence and point–of–care solutions for the healthcare industry. Serving more than 150 countries and territories worldwide, Wolters Kluwer Health's customers include professionals, institutions and students in medicine, nursing, allied health and pharmacy. Major brands include Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Ovid®, UpToDate®, Medi–Span®, Facts & Comparisons®, Pharmacy OneSource®, Lexicomp®, and ProVation® Medical.

About Ovid Partnerships

Every day, Ovid helps thousands of researchers and healthcare professionals make important decisions to improve patient care, quality, and safety. Customers turn to Ovid for a single, effective, and powerful research solution that delivers fast, precise access to information covering broad specialties and niche disciplines in medicine, nursing, and healthcare, as well as evidence–based medicine resources. Our aggregated content repository includes thousands of journals, books, and database resources.

Ovid can help you extend the reach of your content to thousands of medical and academic institutions, corporations, and government organizations globally. Through our direct sales channels we offer unprecedented opportunity to bring your valued content to all corners of the world – more than 180 countries. We offer global coverage and local relationships to help deliver your content to new markets, regions, and customers.

We ensure users and partners have access to Ovid anytime, anywhere with our reliable 99.9% overall system availability supported by two global data centers. Only Ovid provides industry award–winning global Customer Service and Technical Support teams that adhere to a 'follow the sun' service with 24/7/365 online access support. The teams assist customers with product setup and implementation, online or on-site training, system customization and personalization, and technical troubleshooting.

As a global company, we also support local–language content for partners who want to broaden the reach of their content and for users who prefer to conduct research in their native language. We offer a local–language search solution for content in French, Spanish, and Chinese. Check with our Publisher Relations team to learn about these solutions and opportunities for your content.

As an Ovid partner, you'll benefit from our singular focus in bringing your content to market through various sales and marketing channels. Plus, Ovid partners can monitor usage of their content with confidential reporting tools.