Visible Body® Interactive 3D Anatomy and Physiology Modules

New Edition of Human Anatomy Atlas Now Available

More Content, New Sharing Functionality, Navigational Enhancements, and More

Visible Body® is a suite of interactive online programs that bring human anatomy to life through 3D anatomical models, video animations and simulations, cutting-edge, ‘augmented reality’ technology, and more. Models and animations are produced by award-winning illustrators and visualization experts, and each module offers lessons and quizzes so users can gauge how they’ve absorbed the material. Optimized for mobile use, too. 

Whether you support clinicians, faculty, students, or medical device R&D, Ovid® offers flexible options to meet your institution’s specific needs:

  • Dive deep into systemic, and regional anatomy with the new, 2021 Edition of Visible Body® Human Anatomy Atlas, a general anatomy reference and the most comprehensive option.
  • Explore how core processes of the human body work with Visible Body® Physiology and Pathology.
  • Integrate Visible Body content into the classroom with Visible Body® Courseware, created for instructors by instructors.

New Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 2021

This vivid exploration of the human body boasts thousands of interactive 3D anatomical structures and animations, illuminating the movement of tissue, organs, muscle, bone, and tendons. Designed for both regional and systemic anatomy study and review, the Atlas allows users to dissect, rotate, zoom in, draw and annotate models.

What’s New for 2021?

  • Now with over 110 animations of core physiology processes, plus important new gross anatomy models
  • Color changes that differentiate structures in action
  • Ability to annotate, save and share created content
  • Easier navigation between animations and previous views
  • Customizable text size, enhanced animation speed and closed captioning

Visible Body® Physiology & Pathology

Perfect for the classroom, clinical or lab use, this module prepares students, residents, and clinicians for the reality of actual patient and clinical settings.

  • Visually illuminates core processes, interactions, and conditions, including heartbeats and conduction
  • Allows users to manipulate, rotate, dissect and compare 3D anatomical models
  • Helpful for residents and clinicians during rounds or otherwise on the job
  • Complements textbook and classroom-based learning.
  • Supports faculty and course learning objectives

Visible Body® Courseware

This web-based teaching and learning platform draws from a comprehensive collection of Visible Body's 3D content. Instructors have the tools and support they need to:

  • Create interactive courses, lessons, assignments, and quizzes.
  • Review and track student performance in real-time
  • Manage grades
  • Transform lecture presentations to include 3D models and animations
  • Expand and enhance anatomy lab dissections.

Courseware is frequently updated and can be integrated with your LMS, and training is included with your subscription.

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