APA PsycTests®

Publisher: American Psychological Association

Coverage: 1910 - Present

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An extensive collection of psychological measures, scales, surveys, and other instruments essential to the research needs of professionals, students, and educators across the behavioral and social sciences.

Focused on a collection of instrumentation tools developed for research but not made commercially available, APA PsycTests® helps researchers easily find scales and measures for their own use. APA PsycTests is an indispensable resource for researchers looking to conduct, create, or measure research in multiple fields of study. The database's coverage focuses on both published and unpublished tests developed by researchers but not made commercially available.

Each record includes a summary that describes the test, with its purpose; some history of its development; data on the scope of the test, test implementation, a high-level overview of the test's development, and reliability and validity data (when available).

Most records link to a variety of materials describing the test in peer-reviewed literature, technical reports, or dissertations as well as links to related peer-reviewed literature describing test development, review, or use. Most records also include the actual test instrument.

The following are just some examples of the types of measures, scales, inventories, questionnaires, and tests included:

- Neuropsychological Assessment
- Educational Measures
- Intelligence Tests
- Developmental Measures
- Scales for Beliefs, Relationships, or Expectancies
- Personality Assessment
- Aggression, Coping, or Functional Status Questionnaires
- Occupational Measures (I/O)
- Resilience, Anger Response, or Substance Abuse Inventories
- Military Testing


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Product Type: Database
Abnormal Psychology
Applied Psychology
Behavioral Psychology
Child Development Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Community Psychology
Education Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Social Psychology
Social Work
Language: English
Update Frequency: Monthly
Coverage: 1910 - Present
Data Type: Bibliographic with Full Text
Number of Records: 40,000