PMPH China All Books Collection 2013

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Cost-effective access to a package of more than 100 books from one of the world's leading English-language sources of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This collection includes all 101 English-language, Traditional Chinese Medicine books published by People's Medical Publishing House (PMPH) that are available on the Ovid platform.

Originating in ancient China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has continued to evolve over the centuries and has even extended globally – far west of East Asia. Practitioners effectively use herbal TCM methodologies to treat a wide range of conditions including: Obesity, Diabetes, High cholesterol, Digestive Disorders, and more.

People’s Medical Publishing House offers a global approach to medicine with publishing houses residing in both China and the United States. PMPH has a vast wealth of medical publications and has published over 1,400 TCM books in the last 50 years.


Product Type: Collection
Language: English

What's Included

PMPH China All Books Collection 2013:

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