IMS (R&D Focus)

Publisher: IMS Health

Coverage: 1993 - present

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Monitor the progress of drugs through the R&D pipeline worldwide.

This unique resource includes details of more than 9,700 drugs in active development from more than 3,000 companies, enabling users to:

- Identify new business opportunities
- Monitor therapy class pipelines
- Check the pipelines of target companies
- Understand development timetables
- Understand company R&D strategies

Key information includes:
- More than 26,000 drugs in R&D
- 9,700 drugs in active development
- Over 5,300 biotech products
- More than 3,000 companies with drugs in development
- Full scientific summaries detailing clinical progress
- Searchable across 36 fields including mode of administration, indication and therapy class
- Updated weekly


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: IMS Health
Product Type: Database
Language: English
Update Frequency: Weekly
Coverage: 1993 - present
Data Type: Bibliographic with Abstracts and Full Text
Number of Records: 26,000+ drug summaries