Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Practice: According to Clinical Diagnoses

Publication Year: 2011

Edition: 1st

Authors/Editor: Van Zundert, Jan and others

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 978-1-11-996837-5

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Evidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine provides essential knowledge for anyone who uses, or intends to use, interventional pain techniques.

Chronic pain has been subject to multiple international initiatives through the World Health Organization. Interventional Pain Medicine, the use of minimally invasive techniques to relieve pain, is the best approach when simpler measures such as physical therapy or medications fail. However, these procedures can be associated with significant risk and expense. Establishing uniformity in diagnostic criteria and procedural performance can reduce both morbidity and unnecessary procedures, and hence healthcare expenditures.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Wiley
Product Type: Book
Author/Editor: Van Zundert, Jan and others
ISBN: 978-1-11-996837-5
Pain Management
Language: English
Edition: 1st
Pages: 238
Year: 2011