Advanced Healthcare Materials

Editor(s): Stimson, Lorna

Publisher: Wiley

2019 Journal Impact Factor: 7.36 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group)

ISSN: 2192-2640

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An international, interdisciplinary forum for peer-reviewed papers on materials science aimed at promoting human health.

Bridges the gap between fundamental laboratory research and clinical practice, covering all aspects of materials science in medicine and biotechnology, including:

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Bioelectronics and implantable devices
Imaging, biosensors and diagnostic tools
Drug-delivery systems
Infectious disease and vaccination
Biocompatibility and toxicology
Wound healing and traumatic injury
Cancer therapies
Materials for personalized medicine

Coverage ranges from fundamental research to actual clinical practice including materials synthesis and characterisation of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of these materials; development of devices and their clinical and biotechnological application; imaging and diagnosis of living systems; delivery, release and treatment of disease and injury.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Wiley
Product Type: Journal
Author/Editor: Stimson, Lorna
ISSN: 2192-2640
Biomedical Engineering
Language: English
Update Frequency: 18 Times a Year
Coverage: Vol 1# 1 (2012)- Present
Pdf Coverage: Vol 1# 1 (2012)- Present

2019 Journal Impact Factor: 7.36 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group)