Injury Prevention

Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group

2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.19 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group)

ISSN: 1353-8047

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The leading multidisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed journal in the field

Injury Prevention was successfully launched in March 1995 as the official journal of the International Society for Child and Adolescent Injury Prevention. Within a few years it broadened its focus to include the prevention of injuries in all age groups. It also has broadened to include all types of unintentional injuries, including occupational, as well as violence.

Although it has been indexed by the National Library of Medicine since its second year unlike many scientific journals, Injury Prevention is more than a collection of Original Articles, Brief Reports and Methodological Issues.

To ensure its appeal to both academics and front-line workers, Injury Prevention regularly includes a News and Notes section and many other special features: program reports, guest editorials, commentaries, fillers, book reviews, and letters. Above all, the papers reflect the Journal's international orientation. As well as regular contributions from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, in the past year papers have appeared from Taiwan, Pakistan, Brazil, Ghana, and Sweden. The large and distinguished editorial board represents 20 different countries.

Further, unlike many disciplines, the field is rife with controversy and the journal reflects this by publishing special articles under the heading of Opinion-Dissent or Bones of Contention. Nor does the Journal shy away from addressing the political element underlying many injury control issues. Consequently, Injury Prevention has stimulated great interest and debate worldwide.


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Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group
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ISSN: 1353-8047
Community Health & Disease Prevention
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2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.19 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group)