Age and Ageing

Editor(s): Scott, David

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISSN: 0002-0729

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This international journal publishes refereed original articles and commissioned reviews on geriatric medicine and gerontology. Its range includes research on ageing and clinical, epidemiological and psychological aspects of later life.

An international journal that presents an eclectic view of ageing and of sickness, disability and health in later life, it is the journal of The British Geriatrics Society.

Subjects covered include epidemiology, gerontology, physiology, sociological aspects of ageing, psychology, clinical trials, service delivery, pharmacology and hospital as well as community care.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Product Type: Journal
Author/Editor: Scott, David
ISSN: 0002-0729
Geriatrics & Gerontology
Language: English
Update Frequency: 6 Times a Year
Coverage: January 2001 - Present
Pdf Coverage: January 2003 - Present