Invasive Plant Species of the World: A Reference Guide to Environmental Weeds

Publication Year: 2017

Edition: 2nd Ed.

Authors/Editor: Weber, Ewald

Publisher: CAB International

ISBN: 978-1-78-064386-1

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Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 2003, the status of many important invasive plants around the world has changed dramatically.

Species have extended their ranges, new literature has been accumulated, and control methods have been improved. Research on some plant invaders has also focused on the species' ecology and impacts, confirming that invasive plants continue to pose serious threats to species and ecosystems. Given their range expansions and introduction via international trade, these problems will only become more serious in the future.

Providing the latest information on the most important invasive plants, this new edition:

- Contains 50 new species, chosen for their impacts on ecosystems and native species
- Reviews the most significant new publications on ecology and species management
- Updates introduced, invasive and native ranges, providing an easy-reference, full-colour map for each species
- Provides new and improved control methods

Including colour images of each species, this up-to-date reference guide on the most important plant invaders is an invaluable tool for both researchers and policy makers.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: CAB International
Product Type: Book
Author/Editor: Weber, Ewald
ISBN: 978-1-78-064386-1
Crop Science & Plant Biology
Crop Protection
Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources
Soil Science
Plant Sciences
Earth & Geological Sciences
Language: English
Edition: 2nd Ed.
Pages: 596
Year: 2017

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