Aging Medicine

Editor(s): Wang, Jianye; Rockwood, Kenneth; Yu, Pulin

Publisher: Wiley

ISSN: 2475-0360

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Aims to facilitate international collaboration and exchange of comprehensive and cutting-edge information on basic, translational, and applied clinical research as well as epidemiological and translational studies in geriatrics.

Here's a peer-reviewed, open access, interdisciplinary journal providing rapid publication of cutting-edge research from global biomedical researchers across the aging sciences. The journal presents the findings that are of interest in the field of aging medicine: experimental/translational and clinical aging research, prevention medicine, palliative medicine, pharmacology and techniques applying to aging medicine.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Wiley
Product Type: Journal
Author/Editor: Wang, Jianye; Rockwood, Kenneth; Yu, Pulin
ISSN: 2475-0360
Geriatrics & Gerontology
Language: English
Update Frequency: Quarterly
Coverage: Vol. 1 (1) 2018 - present
Pdf Coverage: Vol. 1 (1) 2018 - present