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Searchable database of awarded research funding that includes more than 600,000 indexed records. Analyze the scientific research funding landscape in detail with help from Ovid!

Any faculty member, project manager, or researcher can instantly uncover NOW the funders and dollars going to their discipline—and plan their grant outreach accordingly.

- Identify ongoing and future trends in research funding.
- Spot the disciplines or scientific areas that are receiving the bulk of funding and the amount of money they’re being awarded.
- Find out which organizations are funding research in a particular discipline or therapeutic area—and how much they’re giving.
- Compare your institution’s funding with that awarded to rival institutions.
- Search the database together with content databases your institution subscribes to on Ovid.

Give everyone at your institution fast, easy access to the funding sources they need to support their research projects!


Platform: Ovid
Product Type: Database
Multidisciplinary Subjects
Language: English
Update Frequency: Monthly