Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease

Editor(s): Morava, Eva

Publisher: Wiley

2018 Journal Impact Factor: 4.287 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group)

ISSN: 0141-8955

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The official journal of the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (SSIEM).

By enhancing communication between workers in the field throughout the world, the journal aims to improve the management and understanding of inherited metabolic disorders. It publishes results of original research and new or important observations pertaining to any aspect of inherited metabolic disease in humans and higher animals. This includes clinical (medical, dental and veterinary), biochemical, genetic (including cytogenetic, molecular and population genetic), experimental (including cell biological), methodological, theoretical, epidemiological, ethical and counselling aspects.

The journal also reviews important new developments or controversial issues relating to metabolic disorders and publishes reviews and short reports arising from the Society's annual symposia. A distinction is made between peer-reviewed scientific material that is selected because of its significance for other professionals in the field and non-peer- reviewed material that aims to be important, controversial, interesting or entertaining.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Wiley
Product Type: Journal
Author/Editor: Morava, Eva
ISSN: 0141-8955
Language: English
Update Frequency: 6 Times a Year
Coverage: Vol 37 #1 (2014) - present
Pdf Coverage: Vol 37 #1 (2014) - present

2018 Journal Impact Factor: 4.287 (Journal Citation Report, Web of Science Group)

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