Interventional Oncology: Principles and Practice of Image-Guided Cancer Therapy

Publication Year: 2016

Edition: 2nd Ed.

Authors/Editor: Geschwind, Jean-Francois H.; Soulen, Michael C.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-1-10-704347-3

Doody Core Title

  • Score: 2.29 (Hematology/Oncology)
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Interventional oncology has emerged as an important specialty within cancer care, providing targeted therapy and palliative benefits without the side effects of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Covering the principles of current and emerging interventional oncology techniques and detailed diagnosis, staging and treatment algorithms, this book outlines the ways in which these image-guided therapies can inform cancer management strategies. Access to the most current information is vital in this rapidly growing and evolving area of practice. This new edition reflects the most recent clinical data on interventional oncology procedures. Chapters on image guidance and targeting, tumor ablation, embolotherapy, and response assessment have been updated to reflect major technological advances, and new material on microwave ablation and irreversible electroporation has been added. This invaluable resource for interventional radiologists provides essential education and guidance on the full range of minimally invasive image-guided procedures and their integration into comprehensive cancer care.

Key Features:

  • New and updated chapters reflect the most current clinical data and information on interventional oncology procedures
  • Features a dedicated section on palliative care, an essential aspect of cancer management
  • Provides everything the interventional oncologist needs in one volume, without being too specialized or too general


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Product Type: Book
Author/Editor: Geschwind, Jean-Francois H.; Soulen, Michael C.
ISBN: 978-1-10-704347-3
Internal Medicine
Language: English
Edition: 2nd Ed.
Pages: 346
Illustrations: 298
Year: 2016
Doody Core Title
  • 2.29 (Hematology/Oncology)

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