Lead Like a Nurse: Leadership in Every Healthcare Setting

Publication Year: 2018

Edition: 1st Ed.

Authors/Editor: Adams, Jeffrey M.; Mensik, Jennifer S.; Ponte, Patricia Reid; So

Publisher: American Nurses Association, Inc

ISBN: 978-1-94-780025-0

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Every nurse is a leader.

Whether you are a staff nurse just learning how to understand your role as a leader or a seasoned nurse executive, you’ll find great value in the words of experienced nurse leaders. There is no single right way to lead. Leadership styles vary from person to person and team to team. The challenges that nurse leaders face are unique from any other profession, so leadership styles and solutions need to be just as unique. From informatics to mindful practice, the real nurses provide their perspectives on the skills and challenges for nurse leaders.

Developing nurse leadership is critical to the health of those they serve and the future of the profession. With over 4 million nurses in the United States, nurses play an invaluable role in our nation’s health care. In order to take their rightful place as leaders in the delivery of health care, each nurse needs to develop their leadership skills.

Lead Like A Nurse will teach you how to:

  • create your own definition of good leadership
  • develop your own leadership style that works for your situation
  • Add to your leadership toolbox with the various models, vignettes, case studies, and reflective questions  
  • apply what you learn immediately into practice
  • enhancing nursing’s influence through an evidence-based approach to practice, research, education, policy, theory, media, and industry
The expert nurse leaders in this book provide their own experiences, perspectives, and takeaways so you can learn to Lead Like A Nurse!


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: American Nurses Association, Inc
Product Type: Book
Author/Editor: Adams, Jeffrey M.; Mensik, Jennifer S.; Ponte, Patricia Reid; So
ISBN: 978-1-94-780025-0
Issues & Trends in Nursing
Management & Administration
Language: English
Edition: 1st Ed.
Pages: 379
Year: 2018