Biomedical Research: An Insider’s Guide

Publication Year: 2016

Edition: 1st Ed.

Authors/Editor: Rutkove, Seward B.

ISBN: 978-1-49-393653-3

Doody's Star Rating®: Score: 97

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Provides young physicians and scientists a step-by-step guide to launching and sustaining a successful research career
Includes both “big picture” input on career decision-making and detailed suggestions on how to be a successful researcher
Most comprehensive text of its kind in the field

This comprehensive yet concise book introduces people at all levels of training—undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty—to the basic joys and challenges of biomedical research. By discussing many key research issues, would-be and early-stage academics will not only be better informed about the world of biomedical research, but will learn a basic set of instructions to help jumpstart their careers. Biomedical Research: An Insider’s Guide is divided into five sections. The first focuses on decision points regarding whether or not to enter research and if so what type: basic, clinical, or translational. The second section focuses on the practicalities of pursuing medical research, including institutional review boards and animal care committees as well general suggestions regarding idea generation and collaboration. The third section covers a core aspect of research: writing—detailing the evolution of both grants and papers. The fourth section addresses a range of issues, including conferencing to patents to working with industry to obtaining philanthropic support. The final section deals with all-important broader life issues from job choices to being a mentor to thoughts on how to keep the big picture front and center. An invaluable resource that offers insightful, practical advice, Biomedical Research: An Insider’s Guide reveals how biomedical research can be both challenging and truly rewarding.


Platform: Ovid
Product Type: Book
Author/Editor: Rutkove, Seward B.
ISBN: 978-1-49-393653-3
Medical Education
Medical Research
Medical Transcription
Medical Writing
Language: English
Edition: 1st Ed.
Pages: 299
Year: 2016
Doody's Star Rating®: Score: 97