Forest Science Database

Publisher: CAB International

Coverage: 1939 - Present

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Access to impartial information of high quality, recognizing worldwide interest in sustainable forestry, tropical deforestation, climate change, carbon sequestration, forest genetic resources and related issues.

Compiled by specialists at CABI, the weekly-updated database currently contains more than 1.2 million abstracts and citations dating back to 1939.

Providing access to years of research from all over the world, the Forest Science Database provides an ideal source for foresters, scientists, environmental consultants, policy makers and others actively involved in research or decision-making in agroforestry, forestry, wood science, and the forest and timber industries.

Key Facts
- Over 1.2 million bibliographic records with detailed keyword (metadata) tagging
- Over 42,000 full-text documents (journal articles, conference papers, reports)
- CAB Reviews, timely analysis written by subject experts
- News
- Events calendar of forestry conferences/meetings


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: CAB International
Product Type: Database
Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources
Crop Science & Plant Biology
Earth & Geological Sciences
Language: English
Update Frequency: Weekly
Coverage: 1939 - Present
Data Type: Bibliographic with Abstracts
Number of Records: 1.1 million
Records Added Annually: 30,000+