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Publisher: CAB International--Euros

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The complete online animal science information service that covers nutrition, breeding, health, genetics and biotechnology of animals - over 2.9 million research summaries covering the last 40 years!

Immediate desktop access to news items, full text review articles, informative resource links and over 2.9 million scientific abstracts, more than 145,000 full text documents, over 300 CAB Reviews and some 3,900 news articles.

At its core is our abstracting and indexing database. Updated weekly, the database supplies bibliographic information and abstracts for all aspects of animal science and veterinary medicine, including nutrition, breeding, genetics, dairy science and technology, biotechnology, and animal production.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: CAB International--Euros
Product Type: Database
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Animal Sciences
Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources
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Plant Sciences
Animal Nutrition
Genetics & Genomics
Animal Production & Genetics
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