Zoological Record Archive

Publisher: Clarivate Analytics

Coverage: 1864 - 1977

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The oldest database of animal taxonomy and biodiversity, with records from 1864-1977.

Zoological Record Archive takes all of the bibliographic records from the first 106 print volumes of the Zoological Record journal (published between 1864-1977), streamlines the indexing and formatting features, and adds modern search and linking functionality so that researchers can find information quickly.

Animal science researchers need to track historical developments in scientific nomenclature and review the full research history behind contemporary species descriptions. That’s why immediate access to accurate, original literature is so important. Zoological Record Archive brings modern digital accessibility to historical data in zoology, systematics, and biodiversity from the first 113 years of the most authoritative publication in the field.

Combine with the current Zoological Record database to offer over 140 years of continuous animal sciences research for living, extinct, and fossil species.

Zoological Record Archive includes:


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Clarivate Analytics
Product Type: Database
Animal Sciences
Language: English
Coverage: 1864 - 1977
Data Type: Bibliographic with Abstracts
Number of Records: 1,500,000+