Integrative Medicine Alert

Editor(s): Kiefer, David

Publisher: AHC Media, Inc.

ISSN: 2325-2812

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Integrative Medicine Alert, a 12-page monthly newsletter, is dedicated to providing clinicians with evidence-based, clinically sound information on integrative medicine.

The newsletter takes a critical look each month at popular therapies and outlines the clinical data that either support or refute the use of each therapy. Clinicians can gain a quick understanding of how various alternative therapies are supposed to work, potential beneficial uses, and the dangers of some popular therapies that have no available clinical proof of efficacy.

The objectives of Integrative Medicine Alert are to:
* present evidence-based clinical analyses of commonly used alternative therapies;
* make informed, evidence-based recommendations to clinicians about whether to consider using such therapies in practice;
* describe and critique the objectives, methods, results and conclusions of useful, current, peer-reviewed clinical studies in alternative medicine as published in the scientific literature.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: AHC Media, Inc.
Product Type: Journal
Author/Editor: Kiefer, David
ISSN: 2325-2812
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Language: English
Update Frequency: Monthly
Coverage: January 1998 - Present
Pdf Coverage: January 1998 - Present