Nursing Excellence for Children and Families

Publication Year: 2006

Edition: 1st

Authors/Editor: Craft-Rosenberg, Martha; Krajicek, Marilyn

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-0-82-618815-1

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Written by nationally recognized experts, this book provides the gold standard of nursing care for infants, children, and families, including implications for children and families.

Through systematic consensus building led by the American Academy of Nursing's Child-Family Expert Panel over a 4-year period, leaders of 12 nursing organizations have used their own organizational standards to identify the core elements of nursing excellence, which include:
* Access to Health Care
* Culturally Responsive Care
* Genetic Assessment and Counseling
* Supporting Emotional Health
* Physical Safety Provisions for Care
* Palliative Care for Children and Families
* Care for Children and Youth With Disabilities

Each chapter begins with an introduction to a core element, and includes a discussion of nursing care for each element, along with comments on multidisciplinary collaboration.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Product Type: Book
Author/Editor: Craft-Rosenberg, Martha; Krajicek, Marilyn
ISBN: 978-0-82-618815-1
Pediatric Nursing
Child Development Psychology
Language: English
Edition: 1st
Pages: 352
Year: 2006

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