Illustrations of Tuina Therapy

Publication Year: 2009

Edition: 1st

Authors/Editor: Jin, Hongzhu

Publisher: Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers

ISBN: 978-7-53-239956-7

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Introduces easy to administer tuina methods for 66 common diseases

This book, with colored illustrations, serves as a sharp tool for those who prefer to deal with common conditions using tuina manipulation. Practitioners typically brush, knead, roll/press and rub the areas between each of the joints (known as the eight gates) to open the body's defensive (wei) chi and get the energy moving in the meridians as well as the muscles.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers
Product Type: Book
Author/Editor: Jin, Hongzhu
ISBN: 978-7-53-239956-7
Accupuncture/Moxibustion/Tui Na
Manipulative Therapy
Tui Na
Language: English
Edition: 1st
Pages: 184
Year: 2009

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