GEOBASE (Geography)

Publisher: Elsevier

Coverage: 1990 - Present

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This subset of GEOBASE supplies bibliographic information and abstracts for human and physical geography, and development studies. The database provides access to information from over 2,000 journals, monographs, books, conference proceedings reports, and theses.

Each GEOBASE (Geography) record contains full bibliographic citation, indexing terms and codes and 99.5% of records contain abstracts. GEOBASE (Geography) is unequalled in its coverage of the international literature. Papers are selected, read and classified using a unique classification scheme that is versatile and updated yearly to adapt coverage to current research trends. The material covered includes refereed scientific papers; trade journal and magazine articles; product reviews, directories and any other relevant material.

As well as providing comprehensive coverage of the core scientific and technical periodicals, GEOBASE (Geography) offers unique coverage of non-English language and less readily available publications and reports, making this the best resource available for multidisciplinary searches of the international literature. The content crosses over subject, language and cultural boundaries, providing a unique research tool.


Platform: Ovid
Publisher: Elsevier
Product Type: Database
Earth & Geological Sciences
Language: English
Update Frequency: Quarterly
Coverage: 1990 - Present
Data Type: Bibliographic with Abstracts
Number of Records: 450,000
Records Added Annually: 35,000