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Whether you’re a physical therapist treating a chronic injury, an orthopedic surgeon who needs to keep up on the latest techniques, or a researcher in sports medicine, Ovid, offers an integrated solution of journals, books and databases in Sports Rehabilitation & Therapy produced by the world’s premier publishers, and many have been highlighted for distinction by industry standard ranking and rating systems.

  • Ovid offers access to some of top-cited journals in Sports Science
  • Roughly half of all Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy books on Ovid have received a Doody’s Star Review
  • 100% embargo-free journal access
  • Search all journals, books, and databases simultaneously— easily link between the bibliographic record and full text

Browse key Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine products on Ovid below or view Ovid's complete Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine catalog.

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