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Welcome to the Ovid Support & Training Center

If you have any question on how to use or administer Ovid, Ovid offers the support and training resources available to help answer your questions. We’ve provided some basic support information here, and please contact our support team if you have any questions or need additional information.

Ovid User Questions

  1. What is my Ovid User ID and password? 
  2. How do I create alerts and personal accounts?
  3. How can I export my results to EndNote?
  4. Where can I find the latest Ovid filters for EndNote?
  5. Where can I get training about searching strategies and the Ovid Platform and get training materials? 

Ovid Admin Questions

  1. Can I configure or reduce my Database Selection Menu?
  2. Where can I find Jumpstart Information:
    1. Books@Ovid Jumpstarts?
    2. Journals@Ovid Jumpstarts?
    3. Athens Journals@Ovid Jumpstarts?
    4. Ovid Database Jumpstarts?
  3. How do I setup links specifically to SFX?
  4. How can I configure my firewall / proxy to work with Ovid?
  5. Where can I find system information for optimizing performance and access?
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Training and Support

Whether you're a first-time Ovid customer or an experienced user, Ovid's training and help options can make using Ovid products smooth and efficient. Ovid offers novice, intermediate, and advanced workshops to help you and your organization get the most out of your Ovid experience.

Visit training to get started.