Work productivity tools

Quickly identify how you conducted your search with Search History, use Search Limits to bring greater focus to your searches and easily attach Annotations to a citation or search result.

Save time and ensure accurate results with the ability to edit ‘inline’, annotate and add lines to existing searches.

Results can be instantly viewed and sorted according to multiple criteria with Search Results Tools and Functionality.

Citation Manager Options allow to select a preferred style when viewing, printing, or exporting to your citation manager.

More Information on Ovid Tools & Widgets

Ovid Tools & Widgets can help streamline your users research by making your Ovid subscriptions available at the point of use to your staff and students. This will help you to improve visibility of your subscribed content, facilitate easy access and increase usage. Ovid’s Technical Services team  has access to a wide variety of Tools & Widgets and is available to help you and match your specific needs and content portfolio. Take a look at the examples on this page, and contact for further assistance.

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